Hello world!

Welcome to Foxy’s Place.  This is a blog about our journey to being less dependent.  Notice that I didn’t say self sufficient.  While that may be a worthwhile goal, we are no where near that, and frankly, it’s not completely achievable.

Wait, what?!  Yeah, I pointed at the white elephant.  You might get away from electric bills, water bills, etc.  However, there are things that are hard to live without.  Medical care, job (well, maybe. lol), and for me, the big one.  Internet.  Yup, it’s a connection to the rest of the world.

Okay, yeah, so those may be reaching, but it’s something to keep in mind.  Will you be 100% self sufficient?  Probably not, but somewhere between 0 and 100, you’ll find your comfort zone.

These pages we detail things that worked, and things that didn’t.  We won’t update super often, sorry, we stay busy, particularly during building season.  I’m giving thought to a newsletter or facebook page, we’ll see.