So what the heck is Independent Living

Here’s the thing.  I’ve been called a Prepper (or Survivalist, which is similar), an anarchist, a nutcase (may be a tad bit of truth here), an off gridder (See my Hello World post), and anti social.   Truth is, here is what I am.  I’m a proud father, grand-father, husband, friend.  My politics are complicated but probably closer to libertarian except I hate political parties and rather just make fun of them all.  I’m spiritual but not religious.  I’m pro gun, but I also am pro first amendment, and I don’t run into theaters yelling fire…  I’m pro commerce but also believe that people should be able to build their own stuff, fix their own equipment, and do with their property as they would.

So, with that out of the way, what is Independent Living.  Well, the above sums that up quite a bit.  It’s the belief that people should be able to live the way they like.  Do they need to follow laws, yes, that is a given.  But I feel that we as a people should be choosing those laws, making them, trimming them, and getting involved.  We need to stop being sheep.  And at the end of the day, you’ll find that a large percentage of people, while saying they would like the simple peaceful life have a hard time giving up the safety of being in the rat race.

For those few that really want to to give up the modern rat race.  It can be done.  Now, for the past 100 years, the ability to disconnect from the world was only the realm of the rich and powerful.  The poor have a hard time disconnecting, well, except for one group.  The Indigent.  These guys have had an incredible freedom.  Is it an easy life?  No, and that is why most people fight going there.  So we’ll put them at the 100% point of socially independent.  Then we have the worker bee people.  They follow every rule no matter how absurd, they do everything their boss tells them to.  In their careers, they rise to a point where they are afraid of making a misstep and then stop there.  Safe.  They are politically correct at all times and are offended by nearly everything.  They are almost singularly victims and their one great pleasure is letting everyone know how bad their life is, yet they do nothing to change it.  These are the 0% people.  Moving up the scale you have bullies (these are sheep that have learned it’s fun to tear up people that have it (or apparently have it) worse then them, but as you go up you get the successful people, the rich, the wealthy, that have learned to game the people below them.  Some are generally good, and some are pretty evil.  But when you start getting above 50% you have the people that start to transcend money and power.  These are the people that realize that life is not the number of friends you have, not the money, not the power over others.  Life is all about you, and those you choose to spend it with.

This website is built to help those who have moved past money and power.  Yes, you need to support yourself, pay your bills, etc.  But that should not be 75% of your waking time for all your life.  This site is to show you how you can live beyond society.  We won’t go much into politics, religion, etc.  I will show you ways to live as simply as possible.  Everyone of us has a unique situation.  Mary and her family want to live without power bills, but otherwise be very connected to the rest of the world, while George want’s to have contact with only a couple people and frankly would rather not contribute much to a society he just simply does not agree with.

What this site presents is various subjects.  Your welcome to join in civilized comments.  There are many ways to accomplished a task, and eventually the experimenter in me would like to post different ways to approach a challenge.

Like all things, there are a few rules here.  I ask that people work their best to respect the individual, have integrity, and to not debate society, politics, and religion here.  There are literally thousands of websites for those subjects.  We will not tolerate discussions about illegal activities, and would prefer that alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other adult topics be kept off site.  PG-13 please.  The site is free for use for all EXCEPT Scammers/marketeers/trolls.  For those folks, please close your tab or shut down your bot, you are expressly not welcome and may move along.  I will ban and block your IP address, and will contact your upline ISP with a complaint.  I really enjoy doing this, and while it’ll have little effect on you from my little sites, it makes me feel better and keeps this community safe from your drivel.

So, say you’ve been here a while and would like to help contribute.  Well, first contact us.  We have additional rules for contributors, but really value others input, and appreciate others views.  There is no pay (currently all money to operate the site is out of pocket, we may affiliate in the near future, but even then, I don’t expect much more then $20 or $30 a year from that).  But there is a joy in sharing knowledge.