Solar Panels

Current plan has 4 panels, would like to expand to 16 by 2019


Currently we have 1 windmill.  We would like to expand this to 3 or 4 by 2019


Right now we have a 4000 watt generator on the RV, and a 8000 watt dual fuel generator (gas / propane)  We would like to build a small 12 volt charging generator to help supplement those

Biofuel (methanol) Generator

Work has been started on the IBC Biogass generator, we have the IBC and simply need to start building it.


We have 4 114 amp 12 volt batteries.  These are rated for 30% discharge.  Even at 50%, we have 228 amps (2736 watts) of working power, not a lot, but a start.   By next winter we need to expand this to at least 8 batteries, and 16 would be better.


Our current inverters are quite small, the largest being 1200 watts.  So far this has worked fine, but sometimes you have to juggle loads.  By not using tons of electric appliances, we’ve done okay with it, but at some point we’d like to get a nice 3000 pure sine wave unit.  Probably after the above expansions.