Getting closer to our big move.

For the past 2 years, we’ve been staying on a friends land while get got things together for our final (expected) move to our nearly completely off grid property.  The only thing we’ll have coming in is Internet/phone.  Right now our move the rig (30′ Class A RV) day will be March 24th, weather permitting.  For a few days after that we’ll be setting up  the RV and starting to get things marked out for the new house, green house, and sheds.

Since we’re basically starting over from scratch, we’ll be documenting our journey with our new web series: Off Grid: Living On a Budget.  We’re super excited to bring this series of short videos to you, almost as excited as starting our next journey.  Part of this move is laying the ground work for more independent living.

The draw back from the move is that we’ll be rather busy.  I’m still going to try and post more often, hopefully at least once a week from here on out.

Off Grid: Living On a Budget

We’re getting excited for the premier of Off Grid: Living On a Budget.  This series of videos goes into setting up to be off the grid and will be a great resource for those having to go it alone.  The initial episode will be released at the end of February on YouTube as well as this site, and new episodes will be released to YT approximately 3 months after their release here.  This is due to the obscene way that YouTube now screws over creators, and frankly, we’re tired of them making money off of our work, while they make it impossible to monetize.  Don’t worry, we won’t charge you to watch, and only use normal nice guy ads like the ones you see elsewhere on this site.

The series will be filmed and produced by Spoiled Dogg Productions, and will be available from their website as well.  Currently we are still shooting the episodes and expect to have them up on the site very very soon.