Terms and Conditions

Foxys Place provides a place to air your views without censure.  Our terms of service are very simple.  

1. Sale of prohibited items is expressly forbidden (so if you can't buy or sell guns in your local area, you may not do it here.

2. Any activity that is illegial is not allowed  (again, your local rules apply)

3. You agree that anything you post is now on the Internet.  If you don't want it on the Internet, don't post.  Also you give us the right to serve such content in perpituity. 

4. Bullying, shaming, or threatening other users is not permitted.

5. Nudity is not permitted.

6. You understand that Foxys Place is not really a kids place.  You need to be older than 16 to use this site, unless regulated further by your local laws.

7. Scamming or spamming is espressly forbidden.

8. You need to understand that all people have a right to their opinion, and you have the right to ignore them.