Terms and Conditions

The Foxy's Place Terms and Conditions are pretty basic.  We believe less is more on the rules.  We do not use bots to enforce the rules, we use humans...

1.  Treat others like you like to be treated.  We will delete messages that threaten or bully.  Posting others private information likewise isn't tolerated.

2. No posting illegal activities.  If you do, and the police contact us, we'll be forced to turn information over, that makes us grumpy.  Please don't.

3. No obscene or pornographic pictures.  And if you report something that isn't obscene or pornographic, you will likely feel our wrath.  Rated PG only please

4. Sorry kids, you must be 13 years of age.  Some states still require written permission for under 13, and frankly we don't have time for all the paperwork.  If you lie and say your over 13, it's on you and your parents.  We're not cops.

5. Anything posted should be considered public, no matter what the site says.  Anything can be compromised.  Keep the private stuff private and off the Internet!

6. So while many people have a religion, and most have some kind of political view, neither really belong here, take that crap to the other 14 billion websites out there, okay?  We all know you want Cthulu to be the next president and pope, but this really isnt' the place.  However saying you will keep someone in your prayers, thoughts, mediations is a wonderful thing.  Just don't be a tool! Private groups dedicated to a particularly belief system (religious or political) are permitted, but must follow ALL the rules, or it will be removed.

7. This site is all about being social.  Trolling, instigating fights, and anti-social behavior will get posts deleted, if you have a track history of it, you may get deleted.  Just saying, play nice.  And if you have nothing nice to say, go to FB, they love trolls and scammers there...

8. If you upload something to the site, you give unlimited permission for the site to display you're content.  If you wish to delete the content, that is your right, however anything you leave on our site indicates permission.

9. Our sole remedy for violations of this Terms of Service is removal of content or removal of your account.  We do researve the right to block users, their computers, or softwares if they are used to repeatedly violate these conditions.